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Srosurf.com would like to acknowledge the following for their commitment in their chosen vocational fields
  (you guys rock!)

Bureau of Meteorology
This is where all the hard works done by people who are qualified.  Forecasting is not only an art, but one that takes years of learning both academically and through observation. No dart boards are used here to predict the weather..
Coastal Data Centre
More qualified people who work hard live at this site also. Also academically qualified and experienced through observation in all facets of the ocean.

Based on the other side of the globe this crew are responsible for the development of improved numerical weather, marine, and climate prediction (try saying that real fast 5 times)..
Coastal Data Centre
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (try saying this one real fast 3 times, it had me stumped on the second time)..

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