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There are so many different types of wax available on the market.
If you are that hairy you might want to try using a whipper snipp for doing your Bikini line.

Cold water, warm water, wax that smells like you could eat it and wax that smells like you could rub it under your armpits and get away without using deoderant (Not recomended for hairy armpits).

Confused? Don't be, try them all, when your applying a new coat of wax to your board go and get yourself a different brand till you find the right one. Geez, it costs stuff all.

Scrape off all the old stuff with a wax comb, don't use a hair dryer or hot water to melt the wax off, you could end up lifting the glass from the blank.

When applying it to your board don't wax up the whole 3/4 length of your board. Apply a patch to where you think your feet go, (this does't apply to Mal riders as they use the entire length of their board, including the nose) your stance is roughly the width of your shoulders.

First coat should be applied in a light circular motion and then work a bit heavier on the second coat.

If you hear a crunching sound while you are applying the wax, that's your glass job on the deck caveing in, it means your pressing too hard.

Make sure you wax the top of your board, that's the side without the fins, under no circumstance wax the bottom, unless you want to give yourself a vascectomy trying to stand up on this side of the board.
The same goes for chix, but with worse results.

Don't be a tight arse and store all the wax you have been picking out of your ear, to rub on your board, Ive tried it it too slippery.

Great for rubbing on your car tyre, to do some hideous burnouts, not that we recomend it, as it's against the law.
Writting messages on peoples windows on their cars, not that we recomend it, as it's a prick to get off.
Slapping a wick in the guts, sticking it on a plate and using it as a candle, not that we recomend it, as you might start a fire.
Bitting it to leave an imprint of your teeth to see if you need braces, not that we recomend it, as it's hard to get off your teeth.

So as you can see it's unlimited what your block of wax can do for you.

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